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Network Your Lab for Seamless Processes

Mettler Toledo LabX Software for Laboratory

Mettler Toledo all-in-one LabX software networks the laboratory for efficient, compliant and seamless processes. LabX offers the ability to manage instruments, SOPs ,tasks, resources and users centrally, then spread to connected instruments, smoothly integrate the laboratory systems into ELNs, ERPs or LIMS via the single LabX interface to cover complete workflows, minimize effort for maintenance, validation and support of the computerized laboratory systems, guarantee smooth operation of the laboratory systems with a single interface to learn, secure workflows and ensure high-quality data, assure traceability and data integrity according to the ALCOA+ framework throughout the workflow, keep all technical features, including the audit trail and electronic signatures, at hand to support compliance with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 and the ability to access all data quickly and easily during an audit. It also can automate the multi-parameter workflows to maximize throughput and decrease cost per sample, reduce transcription errors due to electronic data management functionality that automatically gathers complete data from analyses, program the standard operating procedures (SOPs) into LabX workflows, then let the software guide operators step by step at the instrument terminal to prevent errors and ensure only calibrated and adjusted resources are in use with LabX asset management.

LabX is available for multiple laboratory instruments:

1- LabX Titration Software reduces time-consuming steps in your daily work with automatic data management, step-by-step user guidance and multi-parameter analyses, meets compliance and data integrity standards easily and efficiently with central user management, electronic signatures and an audit trail.

2- LabX UV Vis Software database provides instant access to all data at any time. Automatic plausibility checks, report generation and statistical evaluations of your results offer an unparalleled overview of all your processes.

3- LabX pH Software supports full compliance with regulatory standards. Offering all necessary tools to meet the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 standard for data management and storage.

4- LabX Density and Refractometry Software supports full compliance with regulatory standards due to secure and automatic data management.

5- LabX Melting Point Software allows rock-solid melting point quality control by delivering a comprehensive overview, and automatic assessment, of results.


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