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DataBridge MS, DataBridge SS

Mettler Toledo Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge software is a truck scale software management system for easily managed data and controlled weighing processes. 

Weighbridge software:
1-    DataBridge MS is an advanced capabilities scale-house software that is highly sophisticated data-management system that features clean and sophisticated data visualization, automation and fraud prevention with driver terminals, cameras and hardware, real-time data sharing between multiple users and customized user roles.

Optimize scale operations to keep your organization growing

DataBridge MS Scale Management System provides professional transaction management with METTLER TOLEDO innovation, offering powerful capabilities for large and growing organizations.

Driver terminals

Automate your transactions with kiosks built to handle your operation and environment. Manage the traffic at unattended scales with lights, loops and gates with pre-configured workflows or your own custom criteria.

Instant notifications

Stay alert with helpful status information and error messages about your scale system. Add email alerts to user roles who need to be notified via email for issues that need immediate attention.

Customized user roles

Create an unlimited number of customized user roles to fit your business needs. Add or remove permissions to perform tasks or limit access to select functions for ultimate flexibility.

Shared data

Begin a transaction on one scale and complete it on another. Multiple users can have access on multiple workstations using a database stored on a workstation or dedicated server.

Transaction screen optimized for touch

Get rid of the mouse and use a fast and intuitive interface built for point of sale. Visual indication of scale activity puts the user in control, while a dynamic transaction viewer allows for quick data verification.

2-    DataBridge SS is an intuitive scale-house software that can automate the vehicle-weighing operation and manages data from the truck scale.


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