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Nikon Upright Microscopes for Microbiology Lab

- ECLIPSE Ni-E Upright microscope system offers superior optical performance, multi-mode expandability, and advanced motorization capabilities.
- ECLIPSE Ni-U Highly versatile Upright microscope combines system expandability and superior optical performance in an easy-to-use system.
- ECLIPSE Ci Series ergonomic Upright microscopes with eco-illumination for clinical and laboratory applications.
- ECLIPSE FN1 upright microscope with a fixed stage and focusing nosepiece dedicated to electrophysiological research.
- ECLIPSE Si ergonomically designed Nikon's upright microscope, ECLIPSE Si brings comfort and precision to your operation with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.
- ECLIPSE E200-LED student microscope features the same infinity corrected optical system used in Nikon research microscopes.
- ECLIPSE Ei educational microscope offers unique digital and design solutions to ensure the smooth progress of science and technology.
- ECLIPSE E100 is an educational microscope offering outstanding optical performance combined with advanced ergonomic features, making operation remarkably easy and stress-free.


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