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Mettler Toledo Automated Powder and Liquid Dosing

Mettler Toledo offers a wide range of automated powder and liquid dosing and dispensing instruments with highest accuracy and safety. 
The XPR Automatic Balance is incredibly easy to operate. Even without any training, laboratory technicians can deliver accurate and reproducible results in an efficient and safe manner. Automated dispensing reduces variability to a minimum and produces highly reproducible results. Up to half of the out-of-specification errors can be eliminated, helping to avoid costly reworking.

Automated dispensing with the XPR Automatic Balance decreases the minimum net sample weight by up to 30%. This results to a saving of up to 75% of your expensive substance or rare samples, and hence provides a fast return on investment. Hazardous and toxic substances pose a risk to health, even at nanogram exposure levels. Automated dispensing with the XPR Automatic Balance exceptionally lowers the risk of the operator's exposure to dangerous samples.

In combination with a liquid dispensing module, the XPR Automatic Balance allows the preparation of highly precise concentrations down to 0.1 mg/g. Achieving a dilution factor of 10,000 is possible in one single step. The amounts of solvent, standard and sample required are reduced considerably, saving waste and costs. The solution is prepared directly in the target container in an automated process – fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Using LabX as the central control point for all the laboratory instruments. From any connected PC, the administrator can manage all users and up to 60 instruments. LabX provides an overview of ongoing and upcoming tasks; you can even see results generation in real-time. Plus, LabX notifies you when balance tests or a service is due.

Mettler Toledo’s Automated Powder and Liquid Dosing features:
High resolutions of 0.1 mg, 0.01 mg, 5 µg and 1 µg, fully automated process with unattended sample preparation, up to 30 samples can be dispensed in one run, full Traceability with RFID and barcode identification, automated powder dispensing from 1 mg to grams static-free, automatic data handling with SOP user guidance, ease-of-use, contamination-free dosing with one head for each powder and highly accurate concentrations.


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