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Shimadzu LAB CENTER XRF-1800


Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Shimadzu LAB CENTER XRF-1800

The Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Lab Center XRF-1800 from Shimadzu delivers exceptional reliability, stability, and sensitivity. With complete control, analysis and reporting software, the XRF-1800 is a powerful tool for applications in a wide range of industries.

Sample of mapping

World first 250µm Mapping for wavelength dispersive analysis. This enables to analyze content distribution and intensity distribution of non uniform sample.

High-order x-ray peak decision

System can switch first-order profile to high-order profile display. User can do more accurate evaluation of higher-order peak interference.

Film thickness measurement with the background FP method

System can calculate theoretical scattering x-ray intensity by original background-FP method. Inorganic component or polymer thickness can be estimated by this calculation method.

Local analysis

The analysis position and image can be superimposed by importing an image after positioning the sample holder at the analysis chamber insertion position in the same way as at the sample analysis position.

Reliable x-ray tube

4 kW thin-window X-ray tube for high reliability and long life. Compared with conventional 3 kW tube, more than double of sensitivity is achieved in light elements

Expertise condensed into template and matching functions

Ease of use – template and matching functions based on Shimadzu expertise. Optimal conditions can be created based on prepared conditions for sample forms like liquid, powder, solid, metal and oxides


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