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For Continuous automatic high-sensitivity monitoring of water samples


TOC Analyzer Combustion Catalytic Oxidation/NDIR Method Model

Combustion catalytic oxidation / NDIR method The functionality for continuous automatic measurement has bee added to the ability of the combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR TOC-V Series to perform high-performance, high sensitivity measurement of organic substances. The On-line TOC-VCSH can be used for Continuous automatic high-sensitivity monitoring of water samples such as pure water and tap water.

Combines Combustion Catalytic Oxidation at 680°C and NDIR Method

Combustion catalytic oxidation at 680°C oxidizes even persistent or insoluble organic compounds. This method accurately measures any type of organic substance not affected by interfering substances or the sample properties such as pH or conductivity.

Easy Maintenance

Combustion catalytic oxidation at 680°C eliminates the need for oxidizing reagents, saving the tasks of procuring and preparing reagents. No special draining operations are needed.

Support Software for Pharmaceutical Water Management Applications

The On-line TOC-VCSH incorporates software for automatically performing tests specified by Japanese Pharmacopoeia (resolution test) and USP (system suitability test). Combining the On-line TOC-VCSH with an OCT-1 (optional) enables fully automatic testing; setting the reagent is all that is required.

Wide Variety of TOC Measurement Methods

NPOC, IC, TC and TOC (TC-IC) measurements are possible with the ON-LINE TOC-VCSH. TN measurement is also possible by adding an optional product. TOC and TN can be measured simultaneously.


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