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Shimdazu HS-20 NX series

The HS-20, developed as the best solution for volatile component analysis, has been improved and introduced as the NX series. The excellent basic performance and user-friendly design provide a powerful solution for scientists in both research and quality control laboratories.

Next Level Performance

Ultra-low carryover: The HS-20 NX series uses the isolation gas flow to reduce carryover to 1/10 of conventional models. It supports a wide range of chemical species, including high-boiling point compounds and high-polar compounds, and provides reliable analytical results.

The Isolation Gas Flow: The isolation gas flow prevents sample diffusion from the vent channel, which has been a problem with conventional headspace samplers. (patent pending) Carryover of highly adsorptive compounds is reduced, eliminating the need for repeating blank runs.


Residual Solvents Analysis in Pharmaceuticals USP <467>: In the residual solvents analysis of medicines, analysis with an aqueous solvent may be performed after analysis with a DMF solvent, but with the HS-20 NX, carryover of DMF is not a problem. HS-20 NX is effective for the analysis of samples with different type of solvents or large concentration differences.

Excellent reproducibility: High analysis reproducibility is achieved by the sample vial loading from the lower part of the oven. Shimadzu's unique sample vial delivery system minimizes heat dissipation in the HS oven as the vial enters and leaves the oven, and maintains high temperature stability during repeated analyses.

High temperature capability and short inert flow path: The vial oven and sample line can be set to 300 °C and the transfer line can be set to 350 °C. In addition, the sample path is designed to be inert and at the shortest distance, so that adsorption of analytes, including high-boiling compounds, and peak broadening are suppressed.

Ready to use an alternative carrier gas: The HS-20 NX series with the latest electronic AFC (Advanced Flow Controller) offers highly accurate carrier gas control at constant linear velocity, constant flow, and constant pressure modes. It supports the use of nitrogen and hydrogen as alternative carrier gases and makes it easy to transfer analysis methods.

Superior Usability

ClickTek™ NX Connector: ClickTek, adopted by Nexis™ GC-2030, has been optimized and applied to the HS-20 NX. ClickTek NX enables anyone to connect columns easily and without tools, simplifying column replacement and routine system maintenance.

The HS-20 NX features a vial tray for easy access. In addition, up to 12 vials can be kept warm in the HS oven, increasing laboratory productivity with automatic overlap analysis that optimizes the total analysis time, even for methods that require longer vial heating times.

Beyond Expectation

With the trap mode of the HS-20 trap model, which can concentrate samples, 10 - 100 times more sensitive analysis can be achieved than with the loop mode. The HS-20 trap model also operates in the loop mode, giving users the flexibility to meet multiple analytical requirements.


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