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Multiple Sensor Options


1 instrument, 3 methods for thermal conductivity

C-therm Thermal Conductivity

C-therm’s Trident is a thermal conductivity instrument with three different transient methods:

1-    MTPS is easy, fast and highly accurate single-sided “plug & play” sensor that works for testing liquids, powders, pastes and solids. MTPS offers maximum sample versatility and conforms to ASTM D7884.
2-    TLS Needle is sheathed in stainless steel and offers maximized robustness in thermal conductivity testing. TLS Needle conforms to ASTM D5334 and D5930.
3-    FLEX TPS is a flexible double-sided sensor available in different sizes. FLEX TPS offers extraordinary control over experimental parameters and conforms to ISO 22007-2, and GB/T 32064.


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