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PMS Molecular Contamination Monitors (AMC)

AMC Monitor: AirSentry® II Airborne Molecular Contamination

Mobile Airborne Molecular Contamination Detection System

Designed to enhance fixed Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) monitoring programs, the AirSentry II Mobile AMC Monitor is the first truly mobile system for monitoring airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms. Mobility plays an important part in a strategic airborne molecular contamination monitoring program, allowing contamination sources to be quickly located, quantified and eliminated.


1. High-sensitivity AirSentry II ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) analyzers detect acids, amines, ammonia and chlorides
2. AMC Monitor Mobile cart – move the system quickly to high-priority sample locations
3. Onboard compressor, air-dryer, chemical filter and vacuum pump
4. Battery back-up enables uninterrupted sampling, even during transport

AMC Cleanroom Monitor: AirSentry® II Multi-point System

AirSentry II Multi-point AMC Cleanroom Monitor Solutions from Particle Measuring Systems

The most advanced AMC Cleanroom Monitor available, using sensitive and responsive ion mobility spectrometry to detect and characterize airborne molecular contamination from multiple locations within a cleanroom. This Particle Measuring Systems slution features a 16- or 30-point manifold sampling system and an on-board computer with secure software and communications.


1. Monitors up to 30 sample locations for airborne molecular contamination (AMC)
2. Features AirSentry II ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) sensors—sensitive, reliable, repeatable
3. Detection of low concentrations of acids, amines, ammonia and chlorides
4. Calibrations traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
5. Real-time graphical software


AMC Monitoring: AirSentry® II Point-of-Use Ion Mobility Spectrometer

The AirSentry II AMC Monitoring family of ion mobility spectrometers for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) detect and alert users to small concentrations or changes in airborne levels of chlorides, acids, amines and ammonia-containing species.


1. High-sensitivity detection of acids and bases (acids, amines, ammonia and chlorides)
2. Versatile product configuration for point-of-use, multi-point and mobile airborne molecular contamination monitoring applications
3. Compact size allows placement in any location
4. Ethernet, RS-232, 4-20 mA outputs


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