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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S

The Shimadzu interferometer of IRAffinity-1S is continuously optimized by a dynamic alignment mechanism, and a built-in Automatic Dehumidifier helps ensure ease of maintenance. The IRAffinity-1S offers the high SN ratio (30,000:1, 1-minute accumulation, neighborhood of 2,100 cm-1, peak-to-peak), a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1, and compact dimensions. Furthermore, the high-performance LabSolutions IR software, which emphasizes operability, and analysis support programs (Contaminant analysis program and Pharma Report program) make it easier to perform data processing and analysis.

Reliable performance and easy maintenance

Through the incorporation of a high-energy ceramic light source, a temperature-controlled, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, a high-throughput optical element, and the optimization of the electrical system and optical system, the IRAffinity-1S achieves the highest SN ratio in its class. Beam splitters in the interferometers of FTIR instruments are susceptible to humidity. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, the beam splitter must be protected. In the IRAffinity-1S, the interferometer is airtight and incorporates a unique internal auto dryer. An automatic dehumidifier and dynamic alignment enable easy maintenance of the interferometer.

The IRAffinity-1S's interferometer is optimized and stabilized using a combination of a smooth moving mirror system and the Dynamic Alignment. To assure that the IRAffinity-1S is always in the optimum operating condition, a self diagnoses routine monitors the operation of the system at initialization and constantly during operation In addition, standard EP/CHP/JP/USP/ASTM validation programs are provided to evaluate the FTIR performance.

New Generation of Workstation

LabSolutions IR, a member of the LabSolutions family, has been optimized for network applications, includes an extensive library of spectra, and features a high-performance search function. In addition, Macro functions provide automation and labor savings. LabSolutions IR easily executes FTIR operations such as scanning, data manipulation, quantitation, reporting, saving, user administration, and more. High-level administrative functions and a variety of data manipulation functions provide for an easier, more user-friendly analysis environment. In addition, numerous optional programs are available to address all modern laboratory needs.

Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Analyses

A wide variety of programs and accessories is available in order to meet the needs of various customers. Customize Your Own IRAffinity-1S System. You can customize your own IRAffinity-1S system with a wide variety of accessories and easy-to-use software options to meet the needs of your specific application.

Two Main Application Programs Support All Analyses

LabSolutions IR includes two main application programs - for contaminant analysis and identification tests. Even operators unfamiliar with FTIR analysis can easily use these programs and create reports in just a few seconds.

Combining Shimadzu's own algorithms with that of library spectra for common contaminants, this program identifies contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. This easy-to-use program is conducive to all levels of operators. Reports are automatically created after analysis, allowing operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis to easily perform analysis.


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