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RIVA MiniPress Single Punch Tablet Press

The RIVA MiniPress is a single punch, off-center, tablet press. It is ideal for the production of small batches as well as for Pharmaceutical Research & Development. It is designed under strict GMP regulations.

Easy Access

The smart design of the RIVA MiniPress makes it easy to mount/dismount the Punch-Die set, operate the machine and clean it quickly and easily. On the other hand, the compression compartment is easily accessible and is closed by means of a detachable transparent acrylic panels equipped with safety sensors. Furthermore, the removable parts are equipped with quick release clamps mechanism for a quick disassembly for service and cleaning.

Operating Principle

The gravity fill shoe performs an oscillating movement induced by the central crankshaft. It is connected to the hopper by a flexible tube. The pressure system is designed to stand up to 60 KN. The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the filling level of the die.

This can be regulated by adjusting the upper punch penetration by means of the crankshaft. The filling volume of the die can be adjusted by regulating the weight cam at the lower central shaft of the punch holder. All contact parts are made of GMP Compliant materials and can be sterilized in accordance with GMP.

MiniPress II Fully Automated Rotary Tablet Press

The MiniPress II Fully Automated Rotary Tablet Press is a robust versatile machine, which is designed to meet the strict GMP requirements. It is an ideal solution for R&D, small batch production and above all for Galenic Formulation Development, feasibility studies and for Preparation of Master Manufacturing Procedures. A gravity Feeder as well as a rotary Force Feeder with an adjustable speed are included as standard.

Application Range

Thank the Force Feed adaptability; the MiniPress II Fully Automated Rotary Tablet Press can handle even powders and granules of difficult flow characteristics. The adjustment of the production parameters (e.g. Flow rate of powder, filling depth, and tablet thickness) can be easily performed by the operator. The pre-compression force can reach up to 20 KN (2Ton). The main compression force can reach up to 60 KN (6Ton) at the final compression stage. An overload safety system is also integrated.
Machines Virtues

The MiniPress II Fully Automated Rotary Tablet Press is used as a table top machine. The table is not included in the standard supply scope. Thank the smart design of the MiniPress II Fully Automated Rotary Tablet Press, you can:

- Choose the tooling at order: Single Tooling or Multi-Tooling.
- Use a single phase power supply and choose the electric power supply of your country.
- Easily and quickly mount/dismount the Punch-Die- set.
- Operate the machine and clean it quickly.


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