Shimadzu LCMS-9050 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC-MS/MS

Shimadzu LCMS-9050 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC-MS/MS

The LCMS-9050 is a Q-TOF mass spectrometer system designed with technologies developed for Shimadzu LCMS series models and that result in among the highest mass accuracy levels available.In addition to world-class reliability and fast polarity switching, it also offers a wide selection of optional accessories and products that can provide powerful support for creating all sorts of applications. With the LCMS-9050, Shimadzu introduces a new era in mass spectrometry and continues Shimadzu’s tradition of taking on new challenges in LCMS

Shimadzu’s proprietary high precision temperature control system inhibits even tiny mass variations caused by external factors, so that the system can be used to measure accurate mass values without worrying about mass calibration. To ensure that all users can perform analysis easily and efficiently, Shimadzu has aimed to simplify mass calibration, maintenance and other non-analysis procedures. Further, combining this system with Shimadzu’s renowned lineup of varied optional equipment enables greater utilization of the characteristics of Q-TOF while greatly expanding the range of data obtainable.


Simpler Accurate Mass Spectrometry
- Technologies inherited from the LCMS series
- Stable long-term mass accuracy
- Effortless tuning (Performance Assistant)
- Easy maintenance

Provides High-Speed Polarity Switching Even with TOF
- New Shimadzu technology: UFstabilization™
- Stability and high mass accuracy
- A world of new applications
- Eco-friendly

Accommodates a Variety of Needs
- Diversity of optional equipment
- Convenience of PESI × LCMS-9050
- Comprehensiveness of SFC × LCMS-9050