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Mettler Toledo Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales

Mettler Toledo Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales offer maximized uptime, increased productivity and features highest accuracy, guaranteed precision, the ability to weigh anywhere, easy loading and cleaning, rugged construction built for industrial harsh environments and customizable design that meet your specific requirements.

Mettler Toledo wide variety of floor scales and heavy-duty scales:
1-    Industrial Basics Scales including BFA Floor Scale Weighing Solution for accurate weighing up to 3000 kg come bundled with easy-to-operate terminals for a complete weighing solution tailored to your industrial application, BUA Low Profile Floor Scale Solution for industrial weighing up to 1500 kg come bundled with terminals. Short approach ramps for easy loading are also available, BSA Pallet Weighing Solution for capacities up to 1500 kg, is a complete pallet scale and terminal ideal for goods receiving and shipping departments, Basic Compact Scale BPA224, Basic Scale BBA236, Basic Scale ICS241 & Basic Scale BBA231 for basic weighing applications, PTA221/PTA226 Pallet Scales for weighing materials handled by moving carts, pallet trucks and lift trucks to improve productivity, BBA238 Stainless Steel Bench Scale that features a hermetically sealed load cell with a capacity of up to 600 kilograms, it is ideal for many basic applications in wet and harsh industrial environments and Basic Scale ICS226 that is a mobile scale for basic checkweighing.

2-    Floor Scales / Floor Scale with Ramp for heavy-duty industrial weighing including High-Precision Floor Scales that bring laboratory precision to the production environment providing the highest accuracy to ensure high quality and compliance, Digital Floor Scales PowerDeck™  that increase yields by delivering new process accuracies through Real-Time Operator Guidance to increase precision and eliminate waste, Dry/Mild Steel Floor Scales that are accurate and reliable weighing in logistics or warehouse applications and Wet Use, Stainless-Steel Floor Scales
3-    Pallet, Pallet Truck and Mobile Scales including Low-Profile Floor Scale for weighing in different places easily, accurately and productively, Pallet Truck Scales with the ability to save costs, boost productivity in processing weighing and warehouse operations with easy, accurate mobile weighing with METTLER TOLEDO's mobile pallet truck scales and Pallet Scales that are tailored to simplify warehouse and shipping operations with an easy, accurate weighing.


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