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Harmony Cryo


IVF Multithermal Gradient Directional Freezing System

IMT Harmony Cryo IVF MTG Directional Freezing System

Harmony Cryo is a multithermal gradient (MTG) directional freezing system that offers complete control over key parameters in the cryo preservation process, resulting in fast protocol optimisation and potential increases in post-thaw survival and viability.

MTG directional freezing technology makes it possible to reduce the cellular damage associated with LN2 vapour freezing methods, improving results and allowing for cryo preservation of sperm which may otherwise be ‘unfreezable’. Not only that, but it also enables freezing in large volumes (up to 8ml).

The configurability of the device itself allows for fast protocol optimisation to maximise cell survival. This enables larger scale deployment, saves time and limits wastage of scarce resources, improving efficiency and cost of research projects.

IMT Harmony Cryo features:

1. Freeze sperm that is otherwise ‘unfreezable’ - IMT exclusive technology is proven to facilitate higher post-thaw sperm survival compared to LN2 vapour freezing. It is especially effective in ejaculates where samples are of low sperm quality; semen has been subject to stress.

2. Quickly hone protocols to optimise sperm survival - The best freezing curve for optimal post-thaw survival can be worked out quickly and repeated consistently

3. Maximize scarce resources – higher post-thaw viability rates mean you can get the most out of scarce materials.

4. Banking possibilities – endangered species can be cryopreserved for future research and breeding programmes and genetic material from valuable individual animals can now be banked, providing insurance against death, disease or injury.


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