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Intelligent automatic exposure control

Lucia FISH

Lucia Fish is equipped either with the Lucia camera or the Nikon DS-Qi2 camera bears the CE marking and can be also used as an IVD (in vitro diagnostic) medical device.
Main features:
- Control of all motorized parts of the microscope and its accessories
- Image acquisition settings saved per fluorescent probe set
- Eye-piece observation filter per fluorescent probe set
- Intelligent automatic exposure control
- Live image speed acceleration
- Maximum-quality or minimum-time image acquisition.
- Extended depth of focus (EDF) acquisition for thick samples such as tissue sections.
- The name and color of the layers can be changed at any time. This information is stored with the image.
- True (real) or false (pseudo) color display can be achieved by assigning appropriate colors to each image component.
- One component, usually DAPI, can be marked as counterstaining - this component can be displayed as inverted (black on the white background).
- Any combination of components or a single component alone can be displayed.
- The color display options can differ for on-screen display, reports and exports.


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