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Semi-Closed Environment


Providing a controlled environment for gamete and embryo handling

Esco Semi-Closed Environment IVF (SCE)

The Semi-Closed Environment IVF is equipped with a built-in Microscope; Digital inverted microscope (Zeiss objective) that can move seamlessly from low to high magnification. The microscope is controllable by a joystick to adjust the focus and magnification. It also comes with two built-in Incubators that can be accessed from both inside and outside the SCE. 1 set point, 8 independent zones with their own heating elements and sensors, which allow for excellent uniformity.

The touchscreen monitor is a fully functional Windows PC with exceptional features:
- Observe and record culture behavior in real- time via built-in microscope camera function.
- Provides real-time information of the zone performance and other work area parameters such as gas pressure and flow rate.
The heated glass stage has a dedicated and uninterrupted power supply to further enhance the temperature control and recovery in this zone.
- The arm Sleeves are made of soft, durable and embryo-safe material that seamlessly allows easy movement of the hands within the work area.


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