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Two-chamber mini bench top incubator


Perfect-fit for IVF laboratories

Esco Mini MIRI Dry Incubator

the Mini MIRI® Incubator provides a stable culture environment.  The compact design and direct heat regulation further translate to faster temperature and gas recovery.
The heated Lid prevents condensation, enhances temperature regulation and recovery and is creates excellent uniformity between the top and the bottom. Direct Heat Transfer provides superior temperature stability and takes less than one (1) minute of temperature recovery.
The incubator has a dual Chamber System that is  ideal  because  any  disruption has zero impact on the rest of the system. Furthermore, calibration is much simpler since there is no crossover of heat from adjacent chamber. The  small  chamber  volume  allows  for  gas composition  recovery  in  less  than three (3) minutes and temperature recovery  in less than one (1) minute.
The Mini MIRI® features a total of 4 temperature controlled points.
That is two (2) points for every chamber: one (1) on the bottom and  another  on  the  heated  lid.  The  heated  lid  is  another  great feature of the Mini MIRI® as it enhances temperature uniformity.


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