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Mettler Toledo Pipette Management

Mettler Toledo pipette management helps you control your pipettes with three pipette management systems:


Streamline Pipette Tracking
Software that automates pipette calibration management. with PipetteX asset management software, you‘ll spend a lot less time tracking and managing pipette calibration, and have more complete and accurate records. Audits are now simple. Scroll down to the reference manual below or request a quote to learn how all 21 CFR Part 11 criteria and can be made compliant. Plus, validation handbooks are available to speed up your approval process.

Pipetting Results You Can Trust
Pipette asset management software for an unlimited amount of pipettes

PipetteX automatically stores performance-check results, flags pipettes in the event of routine test failure, and sends notifications if action is needed. It puts your pipettes on a calibration routine so you know you’re always pipetting with high-performing instruments.

1. Manage an unlimited number of pipettes
2. Track location, use, age, service status, performance and more
3. Optimize calibration scheduling
4. Simplify management: automatic service reminders and automatic data updates – including new certificates – following service
5. Be audit ready, all the time

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Ready for a regulated environment

PipetteX can be made compliant. It has an extensive Audit Trail functionality that tracks all changes as well as actions taken in the software. It has e-Signature and release policies and can be validated using validation handbooks.

Reduce Risk, Avoid Rework
Get pipetting results you can trust

With SmartCheck, you can verify a pipette's performance – right at your bench – in 60 seconds or less. Know that your pipettes are dispensing accurately and trust your data. Set pipette individual tolerances through PipetteX to meet your process needs, capture test data automatically, and sign-off electronically.

Flexible and Scalable
Integrates with LIMS and ERP

Standardized export files (in csv, xml and xls format), structured file names for certificates and auto-export functionality allow you to integrate easily with your LIMS and ERP systems. Use PipetteX as your lab tool to automate the management of up to 50% of your lab assets.

Take Control of Your Pipette Inventory
As pipettes are moved around the lab, they are often lost or left in drawers to be forgotten

By tracking how often a pipette is used (as measured by how often and recently it was placed on a SmartStand), PipetteX pipette asset management software helps you quickly determine which pipettes may be lost, misplaced or have issues that should be addressed. 


SmartCheck Pipette Verification

Reduce Risk, Avoid Rework
SmartCheck assures the pipette you're using is performing as expected

Verifying a pipette's performance before working with precious samples and reagents saves time and money. In less than 60 seconds, you can know that your pipette is aspirating and dispensing correctly. In regulated environments, avoid the costly, time-consuming investigation that an out-of-tolerance pipette can prompt.

Reliable Pipette Verification in Seconds
For the best possible results, check your pipettes regularly

With SmartCheck, pipette verification is simple:

1. Set the pipette to its nominal volume, then, using deionized water, pipette that volume into SmartCheck’s vessel.
2. After automatically detecting the volume, SmartCheck prompts you to dispense the same volume three more times.
3. SmartCheck runs a number of calculations, and then clearly indicates Pass or Fail.

Verify Any Brand of Pipette... Instantly!
A fast, practical way to verify that a pipette is dispensing accurately

Use SmartCheck™ to verify the performance of any brand of pipette that dispenses volumes between 10–1000 μL. Verify individual channels of multichannel pipettes too. It's simple: dispense deionized water into the liquid chamber and SmartCheck automatically detects the test volume, then prompts you to dispense the same volume three more times. From start to finish, SmartCheck delivers a pass / fail result in less than 60 seconds. SmartCheck is also perfect for training and improving pipetting technique.

How Does SmartCheck Work?
The SmartCheck yields a pass/fail result and can be quickly validated

SmartCheck collects volumetric measurements using the gravimetric method, calculates the random and systematic error based on four measurements and yields a pass / fail result that can then be automatically documented by PipetteX software.


SmartStand Pipette Stand

Reduce out-of-service/specification-related costs

SmartStand is a unique, easy-to-implement solution to help labs adhere to their standard operating procedures and maintain GLP/GMP compliance. With SmartStand, researchers know the current status of their Rainin XLS or XLS+ pipette every time they use it.

Proactively manage compliance

By reading the RFID chip that‘s in every Rainin XLS and XLS+ pipette, SmartStand instantly and automatically displays the compliance status of up to four manual Pipet-Lite XLS/XLS+ or electronic E4 XLS/XLS+ pipettes placed on the stand. Pick up a pipette and SmartStand‘s color LCD screen switches to a detailed view of the pipette‘s service and calibration data.

Save time on recordkeeping and reporting

Looking for a more comprehensive pipette management solution? SmartStand comes with our PipetteX pipette management software. PipetteX uses SmartStand to collect individual pipette data, then organizes it to provide a complete overview of your entire pipette inventory. Once in PipetteX, you can search, sort, generate reports and export pipette data to other applications.

It’s a charger too!

SmartStand will charge up to four E4 XLS and XLS+ electronic pipettes simultaneously.


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