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Welcoming the new Shimdazu Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-7800


Infinite Possibilities

The Shimadzu Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA -7800 Series is versatile enough for a variety of analytical applications (Any Application), safe and easy to use even for beginners (Any User), and offers continuous analysis using autosamplers and remote data analysis via network connections to increase the flexibility of the analysis operator's work style (Any Location).


Any Application

The AA-7800 Series can be upgraded by adding units to allow the system to handle the analysis targets.


Selectable Manual or Automatic Dual Atomizer System

Manual Dual Atomizer System   -Model with Manual Atomizer Switching Offers Superior General Applicability- Adding a GFA-7800 graphite furnace atomizer to the AA-7800F system enables manual switching between flame and furnace units. Switching between units is extremely easy and does not require any tools. The manual-switching model also enables changing the burner angle and using an atomic muffle, which can measure various samples.


            Automatic Dual Atomizer System  -Model with Automatic Atomizer Switching Offers Excellent Operability and Speed  

By adding a GFA-7800 graphite furnace atomizer to the AA-7800F/AAC system, automatic and quick switching between flame and furnace modes becomes possible with software operation. There is no need to disconnect tubing or wiring either. It is recommended for users to switch between flame and furnace frequently for routine analysis.


Automatically Switches Between Eight Hollow Cathode Lamps

The AA-7800 lamp housing includes functionality for automatically switching between eight hollow cathode lamps installed in a turret and simultaneously illuminating any two of the lamps. In combination with an ASC-7800 autosampler, it can measure multiple elements automatically.


Flame Analysis Offers Superior General Applicability

Analyzes High-Concentration Elements by Changing the Burner Angle

Elements present in high concentrations can be measured in the flame analysis mode by adjusting the burner angle to decrease absorbance. That enables measurement of up to about 20 times higher element concentrations, which helps minimize dilution errors and the effects of measurement element contamination from containers or reagents used.


Any User

Measurement Screen Layout Shows Measurement Status at a Glance

Functionality for Supporting Analytical Condition Development

Automatic Gas Flowrate Optimization

The optimal flame gas flowrate value must be determined when using organic solvents or after changing the burner height. The AA-7800 performs that gas flowrate optimization process automatically. It detects the gas flowrate that results in the highest sensitivity by measuring the change in the absorbance of blank and standard samples due to gas flowrate, displays the absorbance difference in the window, and then automatically sets the flowrate to that value.


Automatic Burner Height Optimization (Models with AAC)

The absorption sensitivity of the flame analysis can vary depending on burner height. This is because the flame temperature can vary due to the burner height, sensitivity levels can vary due to different flame types, even for the same height, and the absorption sensitivity can also be influenced by components in the matrix. The AA-7800F/AAC automatically searches for the optimal setting by varying the burner height in 0.5 mm steps.


Optimum Furnace Program Search

This function can automatically perform the steps involved in measuring data as the graphite tube heating parameters are gradually varied and then plotting that data as a graph in the window. That enables the optimal atomization and ashing temperatures to be determined.


Simple and Easy-to-Use Furnace System

Replacing the Graphite Tube is Easy
Furnace measurements require replacing the graphite tube. Thanks to the simple furnace structure, even first-time users can replace the tube easily using a specialized positioning jig. It is also easy to differentiate between using different graphite tubes ideal for given measurement applications.


Any Location

World’s Smallest Dual System

Despite being a dual atomizer, the unit is only 940 mm wide (including the power supply unit for the graphite furnace atomizer).


Compact and Multifunctional Autosampler ASC-7800

The Same Autosampler can be Used for Both Flame and Furnace Measurements

A single autosampler can be used for both flame and furnace measurements. There is no need to prepare two autosamplers. The simple design allows for sliding the autosampler left or right


Space-Saving Design

 Connecting the autosampler directly to the main unit minimizes installation space and simplifies maintenance.


LabSolutions™ CS Supports Laboratory Network Connectivity

Adding a WizAArd Agent connection kit (optional) enables compliance with electronic recordkeeping and electronic signature regulations, such as requirements specified in FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Select either a standalone (LabSolutions DB) or networked (LabSolutions CS) system that is best for the given application.
LabSolutions CS manages all analytical data in a database on a network server, so that the data can be loaded and analyzed on any computer connected to the network.

Note: An additional software license is required for analyzing data onto a computer not connected to the AA system.


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