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IMT VitMaster IVF Ultra Rapid Vitrification System

VitMaster is a simple to use, portable device which delivers ultra rapid vitrification of material for improved post-thaw results over traditional LN2 plunging techniques.

It is designed for embryos, oocytes and other cell types, and is used in human and animal assisted reproductive technology fields, as well as other biological facilities.

VitMaster minimises cell damage during cryopreservation by safely vitrifying cells at a cooling rate faster than traditional plunging, enabling high post-thaw survival rates for sensitive cells including oocytes and embryos at all stages of development.

VitMaster’s faster cooling rate key benefits:

1. Increased post-thaw survival - An increased probability of cells vitrifying successfully, without the formation of damaging ice crystals.

2. Reduced chilling injury - A faster passage through the dangerous temperature zone means lipid phase transition is reduced, allowing sensitive cells, including embryos at all stages of development, to be successfully cryopreserved.

3. Reduced toxicity  - Cryoprotectant concentration can be reduced resulting in less toxicity and maximised post-thaw viability.

4. Larger volumes - Vitrification can be achieved with larger volumes than with traditional plunging.

5. Consistency of freezing and repeatability - Avoiding old traditional system ‘gas pocket’ boiling means results are consistent and repeatable.


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