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Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast (NAMC)  observation

Nikon Accessories for Micromanipulation

The Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast (NAMC) technique enables high-contrast observation of colorless and transparent samples through plasticware. NAMC produces a pseudo-relief shading effect, ideal for ICSI. The direction of shading can be adjusted through 360 degrees by turning the modulator in an NAMC objective. CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD NAMC objectives are equipped with a modulator ring clamping mechanism to prevent accidental rotation of the modulator ring while rotating the correction collar.
This polarized light technique enables finely detailed observation of spindle bodies for oocyte assessment and the elimination of spindle damage during sperm injection. Switching between spindle observation and NAMC or Emboss Contrast is fast and easy as spindle observation only requires two optical modules, one mounted in the condenser turret and an analyzer inserted under the nosepiece.


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