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LYKOS® Clinical laser


Enabling rapid trophectoderm biopsy

Hamilton Thorne LYKOS Clinical laser

LYKOS Laser main features are:
- 300 mW laser power and one microsecond pulse length
- Laser and RED-i® target locator built into 40x objective
- Multi-pulse mode for fast and easy trophectoderm biopsy
- High image quality
- Improved working distance - use with or without glass heater
- No laser alignment needed
- Similar in size to standard objectives
- Compatible with all major microscope models
- Laser and RED-i® Target Locator built into 40x Objective

Objective Specifications:

- 40x, 0.60 N.A., I.R.
- High transmission in the UV [>350 nm], visible and near-infrared, long working distance
- Infinity corrected for 1 mm thick polystyrene Petri Dish, on 500 μm glass heating plate. A nose cap corrector is available if use without the glass heating plate is required.
- Working Distance: 1.7 mm to glass heater plate
- Parfocality: < 40 µm
- Compatibility: 3 RMS thread adapters permit installation on all major microscope models


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