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Electronic Multichannel Adjustable Spacer


Smooth width adjustment

Mettler Toledo Electronic Multichannel Adjustable Spacer

Nothing beats the ease and ergonomics of Rainin’s electronic E4 XLS Adjustable Spacer multichannel pipette for moving liquid samples between well plates, tube racks, vial racks, trays, gel combs and other receptacles of different sizes.

Built to perform

The cushioned joystick control makes it easy to configure and run protocols, while the spacing dial's smooth manual movement makes continuous width adjustment a snap. Get consistent volume and identical speed for every step of your application. Automate cycle counting so you can concentrate on other details, and relieve your thumb with options to auto-mix or auto-dispense. It's easy to store settings so you can duplicate an assay later.
Speed, ergonomic design and legendary accuracy make Rainin's electronic Adjustable Spacer the ideal variable-width pipette for genomic, proteomic and cell culture applications.

Pipette volume range

The E4 XLS Adjustable Spacer multichannel pipette is available in 3 volume ranges:

• 5-50 µl

• 20-300 µl

• 100-1200 µl

Compliant pipette

To accommodate GLP/GMP compliance, the E4 makes it possible to password-protect pipette settings, protocols and service alarms. Service records, cycles and status data are completely tamper proof.

Perfect for Routine Micro-Well Work

See how easy it is to transform your workflow with the Rainin XLS Adjustable Spacer pipette. Just set the nozzle spacing, then quickly move samples between different plate and tubing formats.

The E4 XLS adjustable spacer pipette is ideally suited for routine micro-well work when you need to change formats quickly.

Accurate and Precise

All piston movements are controlled by the onboard microprocessor, which moves the piston the set distance at the set speed, regardless of user. The advanced stepper motor has 4,000 discrete steps, providing highly precise liquid measurements. At the end of each pipetting cycle the E4 XLS adjustable spacer re-calibrates itself by resetting the zero point.

Fast format change

Continuously-variable spacing allows nozzle spacing between 9-14 mm on 8-channel models and 9-19 mm on 6-channel models, suitable for pickup from 96-well plates and dispensing to 24-well plates or tubes, or vice versa. Smooth one-hand adjustment enables on-the-fly changing after aspiration and before dispensing. Spacing marks give a quick visual aid, or set the adjustable detent for repeatable spacing without looking.

Absolutely consistent sample pickup

Patented LTS tip and nozzle design provides exceptionally easy multichannel tip mounting. Perfect sealing – first time, every time – without rocking or hand-tightening. Try it – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get absolutely consistent sample pickup across all channels.

Simplify Repetitive Pipetting

Multi-dispense takes the drudgery out of repetitive pipetting by calculating how many aliquots can be dispensed from a single pickup. Autopace simplifies repeat dispensing – click the joystick once and repeat dispense across a plate.


No manual required! The E4’s large color screen, carousel navigation and joystick control make operation easy and highly intuitive. From straightforward pipetting to complex applications, this tool can do it all. Its long-life battery gives a day’s worth of pipetting with minimal charging and will last for thousands of recharges.

GLP/GMP Secure

Reduce compliance risks! Onboard service data is extremely secure and quick to access. Avoid calibration compliance errors by password protecting access to service interval alarms. Minimize pipetting SOP deviations by locking protocol settings

Highly Configurable

The E4s’ Admin Mode enables you configure the pipette any way you want. For convenience or security, remove unwanted modes or lock in settings. Create personalized setting profiles to “re-set” your pipette to a preferred configuration.

Save your Protocols!

Store multiple custom protocols in the on-board memory. Simultaneously review and select your protocols with a simple movement of the joystick. No more re-entering preferred protocols over and over again!

PureSpeed on Board

Purify biomolecules from proteins to oligonucleotides to chromatin using E4 XLS adjustable spacer pipettes and Rainin’s PureSpeed™ tips. Unite rapid and gentle processing of multiple samples with high elution concentration for an unbeatable combination! All E4 have the PureSpeed functionality pre-installed.

Faster Throughput

Speed up your plate work with Rainin’s E4 XLS electronic adjustable spacer pipettes. Special modes streamline how you transfer multiple aliquots, perform serial dilutions and program complex pipetting routines.


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