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Capture Data, Visualize & Interpret Experiments, Report Results

Mettler Toledo iC Software

Data interpretation helps build understanding of how a reaction works or how a process is impacted by a parameter change. iC Software transforms experimental data into important process knowledge.
Capture, prepare and share data with iC Data Center, determine process variables with iControl and iControl RC1e, analyze reactions with iC IR, optimize reactions with iC Kinetics, analyze particle size and shape with iC FBRM, iC Vision, and iC PVM , and transfer processes from the lab to production with iC Process.

Analyze Reactions

Extract critical information about key reaction species and gain in-depth reaction understanding with iC IR. Results are delivered in real time, streamlining analysis and eliminating the need for offline sampling.

Increase Safety Knowledge

During an experiment, EasyMax HFCal and OptiMax HFCal collect and store a wealth of information. iControl software automatically calculates and reports heat transfer data, specific heat of the reaction mass, heat flow and reaction enthalpies – resulting in faster process development and safer scale-up.

Analyze Particle Size and Shape

Understand particle system dynamics, optimize experimental design and quickly identify and solve production issues with iC FBRM. Intuitive report generation combines data from multiple experiments with batch condition data to improve processes.

View Particles in Real-Time

Obtain and share comprehensive process understanding by viewing particles in real time using iC PVM.  High resolution, real time microscopy images are automatically captured, enhanced and shared using one-click data management, video creation and reporting tools.

View & Measure Particles In Real Time

EasyViewer with iC Vision is a probe-based imaging tool that captures high-resolution images of crystals, particles, and droplets as they exist in process. Exceptional information-gathering capacity combined with excellent usability makes EasyViewer a compelling tool that scientists will enjoy using to accelerate decision making and speed process development.

Capture, Prepare and Share Data

Turn data loss into data capture with iC Data Center. Ensure all data is captured from local instruments, prepared into useful formats and shared on a central file store. This improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.


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