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Mettler Toledo ReactIR In Situ Reaction Analysis

ReactIR enables scientists to measure reaction trends and profiles in real-time, providing highly specific information about kinetics, mechanism, pathways, and the influence of reaction variables on performance.  Using ReactIR, directly track reactants, reagents, intermediates, products and by-products as they change during the course of the reaction.  ReactIR provides critical information to scientists as they research, develop and optimize chemical compounds, synthetic routes, and chemical processes.

Reaction Analysis Simplified

In order to get to the best data and analyze reactions quickly, there are five areas that ReactIR FTIR Spectrometer leverages so that reaction understanding is available for every chemist – expert or not.

Best-in-Class Performance

From probe to detector to software, ReactIR is optimized for use in the mid-IR “fingerprint” region – resulting in a highly-sensitive system for fast and accurate molecular information.

One Click Analytics


Designed specifically for time-resolved reaction analysis, iC IR software combines a peak picking algorithm with functional group intelligence to drastically reduce analysis time. Users combine knowledge of their chemistry with an automated data analysis workflow to ensure correct collection and interpretation for every experiment.


Broad Range of In Situ Probes

Probes designed to operate from low to high temperature, low to high pressure, under acidic, basic, caustic, oxidizing, and aqueous conditions enable the analysis of virtually any type of chemistry.

Solutions From Lab to Plant

Small enough to fit in a fume hood, ATEX rated to fit in a plant, and sampling technology to sample any reaction or process - ReactIR FTIR spectrometers can be used to prove that what happens in the plant is what you observed in the lab.

Extensive Reaction Analysis Experience

METTLER TOLEDO has over 30 years of dedicated reaction analysis experience. This is their focus and their passion. they built this expertise into fit-for-purpose FTIR spectrometers.

ReactIR is Ready!

The ReactIR 702L is the first system that truly merges the power of real-time, in situ FTIR with equivalent operational convenience. ReactIR is ready for every chemist and for every experiment.

ReactIR is Ready to Run Overnight!
ReactIR 702L uses solid-state cooling technology to deliver best-in-class performance - without the need for liquid nitrogen. By eliminating hazardous setup and repetitive Dewar refills, scientists can easily monitor chemistry over extended periods.

ReactIR is Ready to Grab and Go!
Small, stackable units save valuable space in the fume hood offers flexibility to deploy ReactIR in various locations across the lab. An “always on“ detector reduces set up time and enables scientists to start collecting data with confidence at a moment‘s notice.

ReactIR is Ready for Your Chemistry!
Probe- and flow-based sampling technologies enable scientists to study liquid and gas phase chemistry in batch or continuous setups. Fit-for-purpose materials of construction make data collection straightforward in acidic and corrosive environments across a wide range of temperatures and pressures.


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